Joint ISSM/SLAMS Annual Scientific Meeting 2024 - Sept. 26-29, 2024

ISSM/SLAMS Membership Promotion


Join ISSM and SLAMS Today: Enjoy a Full Year of FREE Membership and Discounts for the 25th World Meeting! – Available for a Limited Time Only 

We are excited to launch our joint membership promotion campaign aimed at attracting healthcare professionals and researchers in the field of sexual medicine. With our enticing 2-for-1 deal, we are eager to incentivize new members to join both the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) and the Latin American Society for Sexual Medicine (SLAMS).

These new members who join ISSM and SLAMS in 2024 are eligible to receive free membership for the year 2025. This exclusive offer is available only to individuals who have not been a member of ISSM before.

Why Joining Both ISSM and SLAMS?
It is simple: double the membership means double the benefits! By becoming a member of both organizations, you will gain access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge research in the field of sexual medicine. Plus, you will be part of vibrant professional communities that foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among members.

Enjoy a Discounted Registration Fee for the 25th World Meeting on Sexual Medicine #WMSM24 in Rio de Janeiro!
As part of this promotion, new members will also enjoy discounted registration fees for the 25th World Meeting on Sexual Medicine #WMSM24 on September 26-29, 2024, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The WMSM is a leading platform for advancing knowledge and innovation in sexual medicine and offers valuable networking opportunities.

The application period for 2024 membership runs from May 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The 2-for-1 promotion is exclusively available to new members who join ISSM/SLAMS on or after May 1, 2024.
  • Only individuals who have not been a member of ISSM before are eligible to apply.
  • The application period runs from May 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024.
  • Membership payments will be collected in 2024 and applied to the year 2025.
  • The joint ISSM/SLAMS membership will be valid for a maximum of 20 months, starting from May 1, 2024, until December 31, 2025, and will be payable annually thereafter.
  • Membership fees for the first year will be waived upon admission, and members will enjoy free access for the entire year of 2025. Subsequent annual membership fees will apply.
  • This offer is applicable only to members from the SLAMS region (Central and South America)

Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your professional network, access valuable resources, and contribute to the growth of our professional communities.
Spread the word among your colleagues and peers, and together, let's make a remarkable impact on the field of Sexual Medicine in Central and South America!


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